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Access Management System Versuit technology access management system platform is applied to enterprise security management, it can scientifically and efficiently manage and control visitors, vehicles and goods, achieve the intelligentized and automatic system management of people, vehicles and goods access, so as to strengthen enterprise safety management.

Versuit Access Control

I. Overview

The Versuit entry and exit management system platform is applied to enterprise security management. It can control visitors, vehicles and goods scientifically and efficiently, realize intelligent and automatic system control of people, vehicles and materials, and enhance enterprise safety management.

The system optimizes the management process, effectively reduces manual input. It is easy to operate, easy to master, and improves the efficiency of security work. Through digital registration, intelligent application, self-service experience and other high-tech means, in the realization of security information chain closed-loop, a good corporate image is also set up.

II. Functional advantages

A. Efficiently and intelligently managing the access personnel and vehicles.

B. Convenient and effective safety training for factory entry

C. Integrating effective information to facilitate query and tracing   

Through the whole process management of visitors, vehicles, goods and constructors safety education to realize the informationization of access security management, form the closed loop of information (evidence) chain, which is convenient for querying and tracing.

D. Improving the efficiency of security work, from complex to simple

Improving the code of conduct and operating standards of security personnel to improve their work efficiency.

E. Realizing systematic and multi-directional access control mode

III. Characteristics

A. Intelligent application:

Realizing the automatic and intelligent real-time management of license plate resolution, parking control, access control, gate lock, roller gate, etc.

B. Self-help experience:

Visitors conduct visitor registration, safety training, self-printed visitor list in self-service terminals, to achieve unmanned guard.

C. Security information chain closed loop:

Real-time access to factory staff data; a closed loop of information (evidence) chain is formed by the information of human, car, material and safety education, which is convenient for querying and tracing.