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eHR Human Resource System Versuit human resource delicacy management solution provides the enterprises with the management experience of All In One. Based on the self-developed human resource management suite, we put forward a software and hardware integration plan, and then solve a series of practical problems in the production and operation of enterprises such as personnel affairs, process control, labor management, employee relationship management and so on. And after 12 years of honing, thousands of customers' feedback and 6 major product upgrades, the human resource management suite has now become an excellent management platform with 12 system modules and thousands of special solutions.

VERSUIT Human Resource Management Suite Software

Ⅰ. Brief introduction to the solution

    The Versuit eHR delicacy management solution completely covers the various business modules from the HR base application to the strategic application. The information product center supported by all kinds of core function engines can meet the customer's flexible, professional and comprehensive business application management needs, and fully conform to the enterprise management regulations and human resource management theory. Through the mutual collaboration between the  platforms such as work-flow, employee self-service and mobile applications, the intelligent, self-help and socialized management of employees can be realized, which embodies the employee centered management concept of human resources, so as to provide technical guarantee for the deep level human resource management in enterprises. The Versuit eHR product has achieved data docking with other information products such as ERP, OA, MES, completed the technology research and development under the environment of virtualization and cloud, and provided a precise, efficient and excellent eHR information management platform for enterprises.

Ⅱ. 5 major reasons for the need of Versuit human resource management solutions

A. Improving organizational management efficiency

    Through self-service, mobile, social solutions to reduce routine work, reduce the intensity of related department managers and improve management efficiency.

B. Efficient data analysis engine

    Design based on the principle of real-time acquisition and real-time calculation, the accurate basic data and efficient reporting system help enterprises find short boards of management.

C. Reasonably avoiding legal risks

    The design of human resources management rules in conjunction with planning, combined with corresponding work flow platform, can not only avoid the legal risks brought about by the implementation of the new labor law, but also balance the contradiction between the new labor law and the enterprise benefit.

D. Coping with the rise in labour costs

    Using human resource management big data, drawing human resource efficiency dashboard, displaying the running state, controlling the local and the overall advantages and disadvantages, defining the direction of management improvement, and rationally arranging the labor cost in the value chain in real time.

E. Integrated solutions

    By Versuit All In One solution, you can find a highly integrated system, from hardware to software, from the front to the back end, from basic data acquisition to the calculation and analysis, from the traditional credit card recognition to the biological recognition technology, Versuit can provide complete and comprehensive solutions.

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