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Employee Self-service System

Employee self-service is one of the main modules of the Versuit human resource management suite, which belongs to the business application level. It is complementary to the eHR mobile application. It can help the enterprise realize the administrative personnel information release and inquiry management; provide personal information query to employees, especially production line employees, such as enterprise culture, management system, attendance information, salary information, vacation information, electronic signature, etc.; the system also provides the function of the questionnaire survey and the news center to make the employees more convenient and quick to understand the latest developments of the enterprise and to give feedback to the enterprise; the system combines the intelligent touch screen equipment to facilitate the daily operation of the employees, especially the line workers; build an interactive service platform for the enterprise and employees to improve employee satisfaction.

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Visitor Self-service Printer


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Employee Self-service Inquiry Printer

设备简介:设备配置了专门为工业现场而设计的低功耗工控机,大大提升设备的集成化及稳定性,可实现多种信息的查询功能及完成自助式的薪资单打印,并具有可靠的数据安全防护机制及多项数据对接方式。 主要应用:员工自助查询应用;电子签核单据申请应用;薪资单自助打印应用。

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Employee Self-service Inquiry Dual Printer


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