Versuit eHR refined management solution covers all business modules from HR basic application to strategic application. Supported by various core function engines, information product center is built to meet customer's requirements of flexible, professional and comprehensive business application management, to fully meet enterprise management standards and human resource management theory. Through the collaboration of workflow, employee self-service, mobile applications and other platforms, the intelligence, self-services and socialization of employee management is realized, which embodies the concept of employee-centered human resource management, and provides technical support for the enterprise's deep human resource management. Versuit eHR products achieve the data connection with ERP, OA, MES and other information products, which completes the technology research and development under the environment of virtualization and cloud, and provides enterprises with accurate, efficient and excellent eHR information management platforms. More
eHR Human Resource System

Versuit human resource delicacy management solution provides the enterprises with the management experience of All In One. Based on the self-developed human resource management suite, we put forward a software and hardware integration plan, and then solve a series of practical problems in the production and operation of enterprises such as personnel affairs, process control, labor management, employee relationship management and so on. And after 12 years of honing, thousands of customers' feedback and 6 major product upgrades, the human resource management suite has now become an excellent management platform with 12 system modules and thousands of special solutions.

Access Management System

Versuit technology access management system platform is applied to enterprise security management, it can scientifically and efficiently manage and control visitors, vehicles and goods, achieve the intelligentized and automatic system management of people, vehicles and goods access, so as to strengthen enterprise safety management.

Biometric Identification Syetem

BioStation full-featured IP fingerprint terminal: the world-class fingerprint recognition algorithm with high speed recognition and verification. FUJITSU palm vein identification terminal: identification of palm vein with high accuracy and high security. FaceStation intelligent face identification terminal: instant matching, false face detection with powerful biometric security features.

Employee Self-service System

Employee self-service is one of the main modules of the Versuit human resource management suite, which belongs to the business application level. It is complementary to the eHR mobile application. It can help the enterprise realize the administrative personnel information release and inquiry management; provide personal information query to employees, especially production line employees, such as enterprise culture, management system, attendance information, salary information, vacation information, electronic signature, etc.; the system also provides the function of the questionnaire survey and the news center to make the employees more convenient and quick to understand the latest developments of the enterprise and to give feedback to the enterprise; the system combines the intelligent touch screen equipment to facilitate the daily operation of the employees, especially the line workers; build an interactive service platform for the enterprise and employees to improve employee satisfaction.


• Mission / Vision: We focus on providing enterprises with refined management solutions that allow business management to become more accurate, efficient and superior because of us.
• Establishment / Development: We have been established in 1996, after decades of research and development and accumulation has more than a dozen soft soft and a number of invention patents.


• Brand / Position: We are in the East China region in the eHR industry leading position. To create a versuit eHR products and SQS services two well-known brands.
• Customer / experience: We have 20 years of deep plowing industry, the successful implementation of nearly a thousand customers, precipitated a wealth of industry experience.

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Through discussion and practice of project implementation methodology, we have established a perfect project implementation management information system, and conducted management control on the whole process of demand research and analysis, customization, training and on-line operation. The success rate of project implementation is 100%, and customer satisfaction constantly improves. The establishment of customer service cloud platform is the guarantee of controlling and maintaining the service progress, accumulating the problem-solving experience, analyzing and summarizing the service effect and continuously improving customer experience.

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